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A key part of the Partnership is to lower barriers to accessing Canadian firm and workplace level data for researchers so that productivity research can be conducted more effectively. There are funds available to assist in this goal.

Unsure what is possible using CDER datasets? Explore this presentation to find out what is possible

Exploring Research Opportunities through the Productivity Partnership

To view projects currently being funded, please visit our Research Section.

For questions regarding the application, contact the Research Coordinator at

For questions regarding the data sets or data access, contact the Productivity Partnership Liaison Researcher, Beryl Li, at

Project Application Steps

  1. Please connect with the Productivity Partnership Statistics Canada Liaison Researcher, Beryl Li, with any questions about the Centre for Data Development and Economic Research (CDER) data sets and to discuss a draft of your proposal before submitting.

  2. Once you have a clear idea of the research question you would like to pursue and the data sets that will be required, please fill out the application.

  3. Please also submit your proposal to CDER at under the subject line 'A new proposal seeking Partnership funding.'

  4. CDER will evaluate the application for feasibility (if not already determined).

  5. Upon CDER’s approval of feasibility, the Partnership’s Steering Committee will evaluate the project to see if it aligns with the Partnership’s research goals. The Steering Committee will communicate directly with all applicants listed on the application if it requires clarification or has questions.

  6. Once the Steering Committee has granted approval, the Partnership’s Project Coordinator will inform all the applicants, CDER and the Productivity Partnership Statistics Canada Liaison Researcher.

  7. The Productivity Partnership Statistics Canada Liaison Researcher will then communicate with the applicants as to the timeline for the project.

  8. Before starting any work on CDER data, all applicants who will be involved in the data development and/or analysis on an approved project must complete the following (see Special Circumstances for exceptions). The Productivity Partnership Statistics Canada Liaison Researcher will be in touch with the applicants to initiate the process:

    1. obtain a valid security status – reliability level
    2. take the Oath of Office in Section 6(1) of the Statistics Act to be deemed an employee of Statistics Canada for the duration of their project
    3. sign a Microdata Research Contract, and agree to comply with the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector, the Statistics Canada Code of Conduct and the Policy on Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment
  9. Researchers with approved projects are required to:

    • List on any products, “This project was funded by the Productivity Partnership as supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.” You may use the SSHRC and Productivity Partnership logos.
    • Abide by the policies and procedures of the Partnership and administering university

Funding Amount:

  • The amount of funding varies depending on data requirements and project goals, among other things. 
  • Funds will be supplied upon the approval of data and work feasibility from CDER and approval from the Partnership’s Steering Committee.

Special Circumstances

Co-investigator not involved in data development and analysis
If you are a co-investigator and will not be involved in the data development and/or analysis, then you will only have to complete (8a) in Application Steps.

If you are a supervisor and would like to discuss the results with students, you will need to complete (8a), (8b), and (8c) in Application Steps.

Researchers who are not Canadian
If you are a researcher who is not Canadian, you must have a Canadian co-investigator. The latter will have to complete (8a), (8b), and (8c) in Application Steps.

Project Application

If the embedded form below doesn't work, you can access the Project Application directly.

Conference Application

If the embedded form below doesn't work, you can access the Conference Support form directly.

Expenses Submission

If the embedded form below doesn't work, you can access the Expenses Submission directly.