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Canada’s annual productivity growth has slowed in the last 50 years. Through the 1960s the annual growth rate was 3.5%, which meant that if maintained, the real output per person would double every 20 years. Since then, the current rate of growth of has dropped to less than 1% per year, and a doubling in output per person would take more than 70 years. Lower productivity growth means slower growth in government revenues, and is a major reason governments at all levels are so stretched as they attempt to provide services, reduce poverty, and deal with environmental issues.

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The Productivity Partnership aims to engage researchers interested in studying Canada’s productivity challenge. The project is funded by a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant and awarded to a team of Canadian researchers.

The project’s goal is to increase the flow of existing knowledge (including data), and add to existing research capacity by bringing together thinkers from academia, public and private sectors, and funding their scholarly research.

The Partnership has funding available to support researchers in working with firm-level data, as well as attending related conferences in Canada or abroad. Moreover graduate students have the chance to work not just with their supervisor, but potentially network members, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, or researchers at Statistics Canada.